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Felipe Ruiz

Tel: 650-477-8774

Email: contact@thefix.fitness 

Felipe has 10 years of experience providing a strength and conditioning system based on varied and functional movements executed at moderate to high intensity. 


His training methodology is based on a broad, dynamic and holistic way to exercise where he strives to connect both, mind and body. His primary focus is in HELPING you to get the results you've always been searching for. 
always points out that the workouts and exercises scale to any level. Everyone is welcome: students, business executives, stay-at-home moms, athletes, obese individuals, grandmothers, and teenagers.

He specializes in:
Personal training and small groups
Weight and fat loss
Strength and muscle building
Total conditioning and endurance
Sports-specific training


He takes pride in designing fitness programs based on specific people's goals and prioritizes LISTENING to his clients needs.