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Gonzalo Hernandez

Tel: 650-477-8774

Email: contact@thefix.fitness 

Gonzalo is an accredited NCCA Certified Personal Trainer with 10 years of experience in the health and fitness field, he currently lives in San Mateo CA.


Gonzalo’s passion to master his journey as an athletic trainer and coach has led him to seek more education and further his knowledge obtaining certifications in strength and conditioning from the National Council on Strength and Fitness, from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and from the United States Olympic Committee, he is also CPR and AED Certified with the American Heart Association.


His passion for sports, health and fitness has driven him to seek and further his education to master the skill of coaching.


He has helped athletes, patients and sports enthusiast reach a higher performance level in a wide range of sports.


As an individual he believes that the mastery of coaching lies in the ability to connect, motivate and inspire others to achieve the unimaginable-conquer all fears.


Coach Gonzalo Calderon Hernandez is very excited to work with athletes, patients and clients, he also enjoys helping student athletes reach their maximal performance potentials on and off their performance fields through a healthier balance in life’s dynamics.