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Naseem Zamani

Tel: 650-477-8774

Email: contact@thefix.fitness 

Naseem Zamani helps her clients balance their lives by prioritizing fitness. Her personalized NASLIFE programing enthusiastically delivers results-based Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching to anyone who desires positive change and who may need a partner and companion as they seek to improve their health, fitness, and happiness. 


Naseem is a UC Davis graduate, who resides in the Bay Area. She has various certificates, from NASM to USA Weightlifting. Her client diversity extends from working with retired clientele strengthening muscle to support joint replacements, to young bucks training to kill their next Spartan obstacle course race, to mothers looking to regain or maintain their confidence through moving and feeling their bodies. Her passion is sharing her knowledge and her story while making long-lasting connections in order to achieve long-term results in health and life. Her fascination and a keen interest in proper body movement and her awareness and passion in understanding the importance and value of an integrated balanced lifestyle helped her launch NASLIFE – Results Driven Personal Training after enjoying a fitness management career in a corporate gym. 


Naseem focuses on empowering clients in and out of the gym. The NASLIFE way is focused on positive approaches that shine new light on health and life-affirming self-improvement techniques, all based on understanding your personal habits and approaches to health, exercise, and how you incorporate healthy activities in your daily life. 


You can and you will look, feel, think, act, and live a life of health, happiness that flows with the power of results that you earned through specific efforts you help design.


Partner with Naseem to set realistic goals and then smash them!